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Learn more Thongsang Nang Driving Vocational School

Thongsang Driving School, she was established in 1994 as a private school in Laos and has always been a boarding school approved by the government.

What we do is:

- Have the right understanding and driving skills

Be aware of traffic laws and lanes related to driving
- Know the maintenance and troubleshooting of the initial chapter

- Have good driving etiquette

We offer a variety of courses to choose from and our school's unique teaching techniques are also standardized and ranked as the best driving school.


All of our cars are approved by the Government Commission, which inspects them every year, and our cars are modern and safe for drivers.

Our school is different from other schools. Our school is a one-on-one tutoring
We teach 7 days a week 8: 00-19: 00
We accept cash or transfer payments

Our driving lessons are secured with years of teaching experience

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